Where to start Reading „Superman“

The best place to start reading… Superman!

This is part 1 of my 24-part-series „Super-Heroes: Best Place to start“ [Link to the complete list… here!].


You’re interested in Superman [Link] / Clark Kent [Link]?

To me, the best place to start is:

„Superman for all Seasons“ by Joeph Loeb (Writing) and Tim Sale (Art), a trade paperback collection [Link] published in 1999.


What’s the appeal of… Clark Kent?

Clark won a Pulitzer for his work at the „Daily Planet“. He’s a self-aware, fiercely idealistic advocate. A loving husband. And a constant, smart reminder that we can change our worlds… once we harness our power, and work towards our best.


3 other books, good for beginners:


good books for advanced readers:


sub-par or disappointing books:


common problems / grievances in „Superman“ books:

  • …endless fistfights / brawls with brutish, one-dimensional monsters, mutants and aliens.
  • …extremely likeable side characters… who have nothing to do and hardly change or evolve.
  • Every month, „Batman“ has nearly one dozen of interconnected, complex titles with a variety of fully fleshed-out bat-characters working in Gotham City. „Superman“ does not have that kind of editorial attention / worldbuilding / energy.


Is the current monthly „Superman“ book, launched in September 2011, any good?

Yes. Grant Morrison’s „Action Comic“ is a faced-paced, engaging starting point for new readers. „Superman“ is a little wooden, talky and old-fashioned… but likeable, too.

Interested in other comic book heroes?

I’d recommend „Supergirl“, „Wonder Woman“ and „Green Arrow“.

Here’s my full list [Link]!


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