1 book. 1000 texts about death. partake in the #1000deaths project!

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full info / exposé here [Link, Dropbox]

Update: the final deadline for submissions is August 30th, 2015



have you ever been affected by a death?

do you want to write about it?

submit a personal text…

…to Christiane Frohmann’s #1000deaths project!


One of my favorite German Cultural Studies writers, Christiane Frohmann, is publishing a collection titled „Writing A Thousand Deaths „. It’s an ebook with a professional editing process, available on Amazon and many European, alternative platforms. her full proceeds go to charity.

The #1000deaths project wants to collect 1000 brisk, smart and moving personal narratives.

The first 350 text are published already: The ebook will update itself several times until 1000 texts are completed. These first 350 texts were written by German-speaking authors, mostly. Now, for the fourth update / edition of the book, the project will open up for people writing in all other possible languages. We are looking for morticians and clergy people, doctors and grief therapists… and all kinds of other voices who want to approach the topic.

Forms like poetry, fiction, essays, personal texts, letters etc. are possible and encouraged.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested, and…

…by March 3rd, email your submissions to verlag@cfrohmann.com

There will be a professional editing process. The dropbox document (link) will give you all further information.

there are additional exposés in

If you have any questions, please get in touch! Share the exposé, invite writing classes, friends, academics, poets and all kinds of experts and amateurs… and visit the „Writing a Thousand Deaths“ Facebook page for further information.

The book has been covered in „Wired“ (German edition, Link) and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss, Link), and there’s a Goodreads page, too (Link).

So far, from 350 texts, only a select few have been written in English:

Tricia Callahan (text 249), Marika Keblusek (text 083), Chloe Zeegen (text 091), AE Rutherford (text 103), Michaele Taschek (text 150), Lola Gruenthal (text 188), Kristoffer Patrick Cornils (text 227), Joey Juschka (text 273), Angela Lahee (text 280), Richard Weber (text 284), Roxanne Kent-Drury (text 347)

Let’s help expand this list…

…and produce a stunning, rich and emotional collection of 1000 texts about a taboo topic!

Writing a Thousand Deaths, Frohmann Verlag

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