Best Books of the Year: My personal Top 20

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(After a popular list last year [Link] and another in 2012 [Link]…)

…here are the 20 very best books I’ve read in 2013:


20: WALTER ABISH, “How German is it”, Novel, 1980:
How German is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)

19: SARI BOTTON (Editor): “Goodbye to all that. Writers on Loving and Leaving New York”, nonfiction anthology / personal essays, 2013:
Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

18: BARBARA PYM, “Excellent Women”, Novel, 1952:
Excellent Women

17: ALEXANDER MAKSIK, “You deserve nothing”, Novel, 2011:
You Deserve Nothing

16: BRIAN WOOD, “DMZ”, 12-volume Graphic Novel series, 2005 to 2012:
DMZ Vol. 12: The Five Nations of New York

15: A.S. KING, “Reality Boy”, Young Adult Novel, 2013:
Reality Boy

14: KATE SOUTHWOOD, “Falling to Earth”, Novel, 2013:
Falling to Earth

13: ANNA FUNDER, “Stasiland” […alternatives / runner-ups: BARBARA DEMICK, “Nothing to Envy” and SEBASTIAN HAFFNER, “Defying Hitler”: Three great nonfiction / cultural studies reads that focus on ordinary people and mass mentality in totalitarian regimes.]
Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Walland Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea and Defying Hitler

12: ÉDOUARD LEVÉ, “Autoportrait”, postmodern novel / art / journalism, France 2005:

11: DEBBIE LEVY, “Imperfect Spiral”, Young Adult Novel, 2013:
Imperfect Spiral

10: J.H. WILLIAMS III, W. HADEN BLACKMAN, “Batwoman” 1 to 3, Graphic Novels, 2011 to 2013:
Batwoman, Vol. 1: Hydrology

09: JOHN BRANDON, “Citrus County”, Novel, 2010.
Citrus County

08: BRECHT EVENS, “The Making of”, Belgian Graphic Novel, 2011.
The Making Of

07: ALEXANDER RÜHLE, “Ohne Netz”, German Journalism, 2010.
Ohne Netz: Mein halbes Jahr offline

06: DAVID GATES, “Jernigan”, Novel, 1991.

05: DAVID LEVITHAN, “Two Boys Kissing”, Young Adult Novel, 2013.
Two Boys Kissing

04: MARIA SEMPLE, “Where’d you go, Bernadette”, Novel, 2012.
Where'd You Go, Bernadette

03: CARSON McCULLERS, “The Member of the Wedding”, Novel, 1946.
The Member of the Wedding

02: ROBERT SHERRIFF: “A Fortnight in September”, Novel, 1931.
The Fortnight in September

01: PETER HEDGES: “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”, Novel, 1991.
Gilbert Grape, Irgendwo In Iowa


For a complete list of books I’ve read in 2013, please go here [Link].


In comics, I’ve also enjoyed Glyn Dillon’s “The Nao of Brown” [Link], the excellent finale of Joe Hill’s “Locke & Key” series (all in all: the best comic series I have ever read, Link), Juan Diaz Canales’ “Blacksad” [Link] detective stories, the finale / later half of Brian Michael Bendis’ “Alias” series [Marvel, Link] and the “New 52” DC comic books featuring “Wonder Woman” [Link], “Green Lantern” [Link], the new “Green Arrow” [Link] and sometimes “Batgirl” [Link] as well as lots of good, older “Superman” titles [Link] and Marvel’s amazing “Hawkeye” series [Link]

…and, just like last year, “Honey & Clover” [Link] – a “Scott Pilgrim”-like, bittersweet / comedic coming-of-age manga series about five friends at an art school.

Here’s a big collage of the many, many good graphic novels I’ve discovered in 2013:

000 2013 best graphic novels wordpress collageHave a good 2014! More to come!


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