Underdog Literature, November 2012: 15 fresh or impressive, off-the-wall titles


Here are 15 books that caught my interest lately.

Fresh, off-beat, quirky or curious titles that might deserve more attention:

This month, I browsed the shelves at „ocelot, not just another bookstore“ in Berlin and selected 15 – previously unknown – books:

I made a list of 98 titles that seemed attractive, and then researched the 15 titles that I suspect to be the most interesting:


01: RON LESHEM: „Beaufort“ / „Wenn es ein Paradies gibt“, 320 pages, 2007. [Coming-of-Age, Israel] Amazon.de (German, Link)

02: JIM THOMPSON, „The Grifters“, 189 pages, 1963. [Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction]

03: ZAKHAR PRILEPIN, „Sin“ [German: „Sankya“], 272 pages, 2007. [Russian, Autobiographical Short Stories] Amazon (German, Link) | Perlentaucher (Link)

04: MARGARITA CHEMLIN, „Die Stille um Maja Abramowna“, 300 pages, 2012. [Russian] Amazon (German, Link)

05: EMMANUEL CARRÈRE, „Limonov“, 488 pages, 2011. [French, Biography / Nonfiction] Amazon (German, Link)

06: JORDAN SONNENBLICK, „Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie“, 273 pages, 2004. [Young Adult / Middle-Grade Readers] Amazon (German, Link)

07: TOMÀS GONZALES, „La luz difícil“ / „Das spröde Licht“, 176 pages, 2011. [Colombian] Amazon (German, Link)

08: ALMUDENA GRANDEZ, „El corazón helado“ / „Das gefrorene Herz“, 960 pages, 2007. [Spanish Family Saga] Amazon (German, Link)

09: CHARLES LEWINSKY, „Melnitz“, 768 pages, 2007. [Swiss] Amazon (German, Link) | Perlentaucher (Link)

10: RALPH DOHRMANN, „Kronhardt“, 928 pages, 2012. [German] Amazon.de (German, Link) | Perlentaucher (Link)

11: HERMANN KANT, „Der Aufenthalt“, 600 pages, 1977. [German] Amazon.de (German, Link)

12: SUSANNE HORNFECK, „Torte mit Stäbchen: Eine Jugend in Schanghai“, 380 Seiten, 2012. [Young Adult, German] Amazon.de (German, Link)

13: YASSIN MUSHBARASH, „Radikal“, 397 pages, 2011. [German (Mainstream) Thriller] Amazon.de (German, Link)

14: JÜRGEN SCHREIBER, „Ein Maler aus Deutschland. Gerhard Richter“, 250 pages, 2005. [Nonfiction / Biography, German] Amazon.de (Link) | Perlentaucher (Link)

15: SÖNKE NEITZEL, HARALD WELZER: „Soldaten. On Fighting, Killing and Dying“, 448 pages, 2011. [Nonfiction, German] Amazon.de (Link)


Ocelot, not just another bookstore:


Here are five books that made me curious enough to buy them:

01: BRIAN K. VAUGHAN, FIONA STAPLES, „Saga, Vol. 1“, 160 pages, 2012. [Graphic Novel; new Sci-Fi / Space Opera series]

02: CHRISTIAN JEITSCH, OLAF KRAEMER, „Abaton: Vom Ende der Angst“, 400 Seiten, 2011. [German: dystopian YA trilogy; danke an mixtvision Verlag / Pia Mortensen!]

03: DAVID GRAEBER, „Debt: The First 5000 Years“, 534 pages, 2011. [Nonfiction; danke an Klett-Cotta!]

04: NATHANIEL RICH, „Odds against tomorrow“, 304 pages, 2013. [danke an Klett-Cotta!]

05: TILMAN RAMMSTEDT, „Die Abenteuer meines ehemaligen Bankberaters“, 155 pages, 2012. [German]

Besprechung bei ZEIT Online, David Hugendick: Link


…and finally, here are two books that I read – and that were really good:

4 of 5 stars: A.S. KING, „Ask the Passengers“, 296 pages, 2012. [YA novel, convoluted and a little dry. It was a good read – but I prefered her debut, „Please ignore Vera Dietz“]

4 of 5 stars: BENJAMIN MAACK, „Monster“, [German, interconnected Short Stories; danke an Daniel Beskos / mairisch Verlag!]

Besprechung bei ZEIT Online, David Hugendick: Link


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