Underdog Cinema! 15 Asian Movies / Dramas… worth your time?


I’m a book critic. But I love good movies, too.

Here are some fresh, off-beat, quirky or curious Asian (non-Japanese) dramas from the last 20 years… that might deserve more attention:

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01: JOON-HO BONG, „Memories of Murder“, South Korea, 2003.

02: JOHN H. LEE, „A Moment to Remember“, South Korea, 2004.

03: CHANG-DONG LEE, „Oasis“, South Korea, 2002.

04: CHANG-DONG LEE, „Secret Sunshine“, South Korea, 2007.

05: CHANG-DONG LEE, „Poetry“, South Korea, 2010.

06: EDWARD YANG, „Yi Yi“, Taiwan/Japan, 2000.

07: CHIH-YEN YEE, „Blue Gate Crosing“, Taiwan/France, 2002.

08: ALICE WU, „Saving Face“, US, 2004.

09: YIMOU ZHANG, „The Road Home“, China, 2000.

10: APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL, „Syndromes and a Century“, Thailand/France/Austria, 2006.

11: XIAOGANG FENG, „Aftershock“, China, 2010.

12: PEN-EK RATANARUANG, „6tynin9“ / „Leben nach dem Tod in Bangkok“, Thailand/Japan, 2004.

13: JEK-KYU KANG, „Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War“, South Korea, 2004.

14: KI-DUK KIM, „3-Iron“, South Korea/Japan, 2004.

15: HAE-SUNG SONG, „Failan“, South Korea, 2001.


Here are seven contemporary classics that I still haven’t seen:

01: KI-DUK KIM, „Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring“, South Korea, 2003.

02: KAR WAI-WONG, „Chungking Express“, Hong Kong, 1993.

03: ANG LEE, „Eat Drink Man Woman“, Taiwan/US, 1994.

04: ANG LEE, „Lust & Caution“, Taiwan/US/China/Hong Kong, 2007.

05: ZHANG KE JIA, „Still Life“, China/Hong Kong, 2006.

06: JOON-HO BONG, „Mother“, South Korea, 2009.

07: PETER CHANG, „Hongkong Love Affair“ / „Comrades: Almost a Love Story“, Hong Kong, 1996.


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