Eating out in Toronto: Cheap Snacks, Sushi, Ethnic & Vegetarian Cuisine [quick list]


Last week, I asked Reddit’s Toronto experts [Link] to give me recommendations for cheap, tasty food in downtown Toronto:


I love sushi – preferably all-you-can-eat. My favourite places?


Other favorites?


Here’s what the Reddit crowd had to add / recommend:


  • Aji Sai [Link], Queen & Spadina [all-you-can-eat sushi lunch]
  • Sushi Xtra [Link], Queen & Spadina [„On Saturdays and Sundays, has 1/2 price sushi between 12pm and 4pm. Love the black dragon roll.“]

Chinese, Korean & Vietnamese:


Pub Food, Burgers & Sandwiches:

  • WVRST [Link], King & Portland [„you gotta try their duck fat fries, and they’ve got some exotic sausages as well (Kangaroo, Elk, Wild Boar)“. Plus: „Sometimes WVRST carries Dieu Du Ciel’s beer, I highly recommend it.“]
  • Belly Buster Submarines [Link], Yonge & Glen Echo Road / Yonge & Lawrence [„simple, but great subs“]
  • The Burger’s Priest [Link], Queen East & Coxwell
  • Five Guys Burgers & Fries [Link], Warden & Eglington, Scarborough [„Best part is that there are a ton of things to try on the menu. First time I went there I think I planned out what I was going to try on my next three visits.“]
  • Uncle Betty’s [Link], Yonge & Albertus, north of Eglington [„the grilled cheese is pretty effing good“]
  • Jim’s Restaurant [Link], Queen East & Logan, Leslieville [„Ask for the Westen special for 7.00. A 2inch western with homefries and a coffee.“]

Shawarmas & Vietnamese Sandwiches:

Breakfast & Brunch:

  • Caplansky’s [Link], Clinton & Henderson, Little Italy [Jewish / Deli / brunch]
  • Maggie’s [Link], Lippincott & College, [breakfast and pub food, „cheap big breakfast, great garlic fries“]


  • Banjara [Link], Bloor & Crawford / Christie Pitts
  • Little India [Link], Queen & Duncan [buffet]
  • RaviSoups [Link], Adelaide & Widmer [„you can get a gourmet wrap and soup combo and they’re always amazing – you’ve got to try the curried apricot & red lentil soup.“]


Other recommendations? Leave them in the comments!


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