The best place to start reading… Superman!

This is part 1 of my 24-part-series „Super-Heroes: Best Place to start“ [Link to the complete list… here!].


You’re interested in Superman [Link] / Clark Kent [Link]?

To me, the best place to start is:

„Superman for all Seasons“ by Joeph Loeb (Writing) and Tim Sale (Art), a trade paperback collection [Link] published in 1999.


What’s the appeal of… Clark Kent?

Clark won a Pulitzer for his work at the „Daily Planet“. He’s a self-aware, fiercely idealistic advocate. A loving husband. And a constant, smart reminder that we can change our worlds… once we harness our power, and work towards our best.


3 other books, good for beginners:


good books for advanced readers:


sub-par or disappointing books:


common problems / grievances in „Superman“ books:

  • …endless fistfights / brawls with brutish, one-dimensional monsters, mutants and aliens.
  • …extremely likeable side characters… who have nothing to do and hardly change or evolve.
  • Every month, „Batman“ has nearly one dozen of interconnected, complex titles with a variety of fully fleshed-out bat-characters working in Gotham City. „Superman“ does not have that kind of editorial attention / worldbuilding / energy.


Is the current monthly „Superman“ book, launched in September 2011, any good?

Yes. Grant Morrison’s „Action Comic“ is a faced-paced, engaging starting point for new readers. „Superman“ is a little wooden, talky and old-fashioned… but likeable, too.

Interested in other comic book heroes?

I’d recommend „Supergirl“, „Wonder Woman“ and „Green Arrow“.

Here’s my full list [Link]!


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my German comic book journalism:

5 Kommentare

  1. Ich schreibe ein Buch über Carroll Rheinstrom,
    Ein Amerikaner, der DC Comics von 1948 bis 1983 bei der Lizenzierung seiner Produkte in Deutschland und anderen Ländern außerhalb der USA vertrat.
    Ich suche Erinnerungen an Menschen, die insbesondere in Deutschland Superman gelesen haben und jetzt mindestens 45 Jahre alt sind.
    Woran erinnern Sie sich inhaltlich in den Geschichten, die amerikanische Werte und Kultur widerspiegelten?
    Bitte kontaktiere mich:
    Howard Blue

  2. I am writing a biography of Mr. Carroll Rheinstrom, an American, who represented DC Comics in Europe and elsewhere from 1950 to 1983. I seek information about the Ggerman publisher(s) of DC Comics in that era.

    Howard Blue memrevs at sign dot com

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