6 months with the Blog: Popular Posts

most popular posts? my WordPress statistics [click to see full size.]


after six months with this blog… here are my most-read articles / blog posts:


Literature and Journalism, English:

  • Interview with Ayelet Waldman, Berkeley novelist [Link]
  • Underdog Literature: 15 fresh or exciting, off-the-wall titles [Link]
  • John Updike’s short stories: Recommendations [Link]


Literature and Journalism, German:

  • Futter für die Bestie: Literaturkritik in digitalen Zeiten [Essay für „BELLA triste“, Link]
  • …sowie die beiden ergänzenden Listen: 250 Buchtipps / Empfehlungen[Link] und 250 Buchtipps / Entdeckungen [Link]
  • junge deutschsprachige Literatur: 50 Empfehlungen [Link]


Net Culture / Curating, English:

  • Catastrophic Cakes, collected: Cakewrecks.blogspot.com [Link]
  • New, good TV? 2011’s most promising TV shows [Link]
  • Ideas worth spreading: 9 video talks that educated and entertained me [Link]


Netzkultur / Empfehlungen, German:

  • Hildesheim: Best of Youtube [Link]
  • Helden meiner Kindheit: quick list [Link]
  • Heucheleien, Journalismus, Propaganda: Best of Stefan Niggemeier [Link]


Comic Book Culture, English:

  • Interview: Sally Pascale, suburban feminist „Green Lantern“ expert [Link]
  • „Green Lantern“ Timeline / Reading Order [Link]
  • Catwoman in „Arkham City“: Sexism, Objectification, Empowerment [Link]
  • DC’s „The New 52“: All of September’s Comic Books ranked / reviewed [Link]


Publishing / Literature in Germany:

  • Frankfurter Buchmesse: Romane und Neuerscheinungen [Link]
  • Literaturfestival PROSANOVA 2011: Stimmen der Presse [Link]
  • Deutscher Buchpreis 2011: die Nominierten [Link]


personal stuff:

  • Photos: my Hildesheim Apartment [Link]
  • „Zimmer voller Freunde“: Reading in Freiburg, November 2011 [Link]
  • Photos: Toronto Starbucks [Link]


Come back tomorrow for my least popular / successful posts!

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