People are weird…! Search Queries, 2011


after half a year of blogging… here are some of the most bizarre, funny or curious search terms of my visitors:


„Catwoman Sex with Batman manga“, “batman catwoman sex”, “catwoman damsel”, “batman tickling cat women”, “batman catwoman sex video”, “Male Catwoman”, “melon breasted women”, “Catwoman oversexualized in Arkham City” [and TONS of other, related terms]…

…led people HERE: “Crazy for Batman: Catwoman, melon-breasted Damsel”


“Spacegirl sexual”, “Green Lantern kissing gorgeous”, “feminist analysis of Green Lantern movie”, “spacegirl + rape + comic + green”, “Robin nearly killing Wonder Woman”, “Sue Storm’s breasts”, “Wonder Woman dies”…

…led people HERE: “Interview: Sally Pascale, comic book reader, feminist, blogger… and the internet’s most outspoken ‘Green Lantern’ fan”


“Kreatives Schreiben und Kulturjournalismus Leipzig”…

…led people HERE: “Kreatives Schreiben und Kulturjournalismus in Hildesheim: Interview”


queries that made me smile:

“Sinestro is handsome”, “Kyle Rayner adorable”, “friendship animation video”, “new trend tall women short men”, “feminist boss” [better try this website. or this.]


queries that made me yawn:

“hypermuscular females”, “flat women perky nipples veins”, “robin and starfire sex comic”, “green lantern sexy jade”, “red lanterns bleez sexy”, “sexy batgirl and wonder woman flirting fan art”


queries that made me wonder:

“dead parents; dead children; educated, urbane women with idiot husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/friends”, „massive legs woman“, “blodens healing machine”, “you were a horrible mother”


good German queries:

“Autoren über 50” [knapp vorbei: Link], “Zimmer voller Leben” [knapp vorbei: Link], “verdrängt Fernseher Buch” [knapp vorbei: Link], “Geschenke in Toronto kaufen” [knapp vorbei: Link], “Niggemeier hetzt” [knapp vorbei: Link], “imdb persönliche Empfehlungen” [Link], “Hoffnungsträger des Jahres 2011” [Link], “Zielgruppentheater” [Link]


absurd German queries:

  • “Geheime Welten Hildesheim”
  • “Eierbecher”
  • “blöde e-Mails”
  • “Schneider the spider aus Familie Feuerstein”
  • “Im Fahrgestell eines Lieferwagens”
  • “Warum geben Menschen schlechte Ratschläge?”
  • “Mein Mann arbeitet zuviel”
  • “Hildesheim mein Hildesheim da ist die Welt”


and here’s my favourite, so far:

  • “Clark Kent blushed around her” [Link]


related Links:


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