Dcnu / New 52: ALL new series, reviewed (updated)


This September, DC Comics has relaunched their super-hero comic book line and started 52 new series (Link), with 52 easy-to-enter starting points.

On Twitter (Link to my profile, smeschmesch), I collected the buzz about each new series.

So here they are: very short Twiter statements about DC’s 52 new September comic books.

The surprises. The disappointments. And the must-reads!.




#dcnu #actioncomics: Liked ‚Smallville‘ and/or disliked normal, confident Supes? you’ll enjoy this. Clark = alienated, insecure, kinda jerk.

#dcnu #animalman: @JeffLemire might be DC’s best current writer. Buddy B. & family = great chars. Horror vibe, good art, great cliffhanger.

#dcnu #batgirl: @GailSimone has done it again: Interesting villain, nice psychology, sharp 1st issue. Old / new readers sound VERY pleased.

#dcnu #swampthing: everyone who’s ever cared about the horror concept or writer Scott Snyder sounds CRAZY happy/satisf. But buzz/new folks?

#dcnu #batwing: violent, gorgeous art, some complicated flashbacks… but lots of atmosphere & a good sense of Africa. Pleasant surprise!

#dcnu #staticshock: almost NO buzz about this: good art, nice concept, pleasant teen book. maybe comparable to ‚Blue Beetle‘?

#dcnu #batwoman: gorgeous art, tight narrative, lots of female chars: even with previous author @ruckawriter gone, hopes are VERY high. buy!

#dcnu #demonknights: medieval, good-natured, surprisingly funny. Colorful cast of chars, charming concept. Plus: cool females!

#dcnu #frankenstein: quirky, off-kilter, fun and exciting! more light-hearted than fan-favourite #animalman, but another @JeffLemire win.

#dcnu #greenlantern: BAM! interesting new conflict, good starting point, character development for hero Hal Jordan. everyone’s pleased.

#dcnu #resurrectionman: great writers, but not much buzz. old fans + nerdy readers loved it a LOT. so… very likeable. but not exciting?

#dcnu #greenlanterncorps: good art, smart writing, nice friendships and – Tomasi’s favorite – gore and horror. Not for kids. But excellent!

#dcnu #ivampire: vertigo-like, dark, smart and sexual. HUGE horror, but rooted in the DCU. not a girly or romantic or Twilight-like book.

#dcnu #allstarwestern: seamless transition for old fans of #jonahhex… AND one of the best books for new readers. atmosphere! charme! plot!

#dcnu #furyoffirestorm #firestorm: political! global! nerdy! violent! a cerebral, interesting reboot. plenty suspense (& race relations).

#dcnu #flash: tons of personality! AWESOME, lush retro art. some romance. some psychology. lots of charme. instant classic!

#dcnu #aquaman: ideal starting point, good writing/art. not very complex or original… but a rock-solid revamp. high expectations!

#dcnu #wonderwoman: great art, smart writing, break-out success: it’s a horror book with mythology, gods and gore. stylish & nightmarish!


good, but some problems:

#dcnu #justiceleague: simplistic, boys-only, lots of inside jokes… but good art, dynamic banter and a cool first look at Superman.

#dcnu #justiceleagueinternational: old fans are happy / aflutter / enthusiastic; August General Iron has great scene. But new readers: meh.

#dcnu #menofwar: 2nd feature seems subpar. but everyone’s surprisingly engaged / happy with militaristic war comic. Deserves closer look.

#dcnu #hawkanddove: @SterlingGates did wonderful things with ‚Supergirl‘. High hopes! people annoyed over bad art + dorky concept, though.

#dcnu #superboy: new, fresh start/origin. clone drama! surprisingly well-written. and: new supporting chars from #gen13. problems: bad art.

#dcnu #grifter: dude comic about con man / old #wildstorm character running from alien conspiracy: fast-paced, violent, mediocre. no humor.

#dcnu #batmanandrobin: great creators (tomasi/gleason), fun psychology, fast start. but: gore + could be too convoluted for new readers.

#dcnu #legionofsuperheroes: no innovation. standard 30th century ensemble stuff, nice art, serviceable plot. could go either way. :-/

#dcnu #supergirl: pretty art, not much violence / exploitation and no need to know anything about the DCU. But too fast, flat, superficial.

#dcn #bop #birdsofprey: Katana? Ivy? Starling? what’s going on? big continuity riddles, much exposition/mystery. could still get good later.

#dcnu #batman: excellent author (Scott Snyder), but boring art and some crasser violence: it’s merely good – not excellent. still: hopes!

#dcnu #thedarkknight: style, motifs, twists AND atmosphere are SO similar to Scott Snyder’s new ‚Bat’series… feels like 2 parallel univ. ?

#dcnu #dcuniversepresents: Deadman story, mostly in continuity with ‚Brightest Day‘. seems stilted / 2nd rate. solid, but not very engaging.

#dcnu #nightwing: throwback to the Chuck Dixon era: good, straightforward, kinda childish Dick Grayson adventure. a little too bloody.

#dcnu #voodoo: amazing art, slow start, explosive cliffhanger. it’s well-written and deserves a look. but did heroine HAVE to be a stripper?

#dcnu #teentitans: no catastrophe (and solid #wondergirl), but not much happened + Marvel atmosphere + Superboy crossover. angry teens! meh.

#dcnu #superman: soft reboot, many character moments, likeable art, nice retro feel. FANS loved it. Newcomers found it dull and dated.

#dcnu #hawkman: painterly art, whiny hero, blood / gore, no Hawkgirl. Solid atmosphere & good set-up, but indeed very… savage + somber.

#dcnu #jldark #justiceleaguedark: eccentric, trippy, tons of cool characters. it’s a good start, but it’ll be a cult fav, no mainstream hit.

#dcnu #thedarkknight: style, motifs, twists AND atmosphere are SO similar to Scott Snyder’s new ‚Bat’series… feels like 2 parallel univ. ?


mostly bad reviews:

#dcnu #tec #detectivecomics: business as usual, and not much love for writer Tony Daniels. Serviceable, but meh.

#dcnu #greenarrow: simplistic plot, Justin-Hartley-like de-aged Ollie, new supp. cast + more ‚Robin Hd‘ and ‚Million. Playboy‘ tropes: meh.

#dcnu #stormwatch: murky art, murky plot? new readers sound pretty insecure… but fans of @Paul_Cornell still have trust / high hopes.

#dcnu #misterterrific: VERY bad art, technobabble, murky. will change artist with 2nd issue, hasn’t found footing yet. #powergirl romance?

#dcnu #redlanterns: violent, silly, nonsensical. even #greenlantern fans not impressed. possible underdog / cult fav. bc of writer Milligan?

#dcnu #newguardians: weaker than GL & Corps. subpar art. not much plot: could get better later on… and #kylerayner still very likeable.

#dcnu #legionlost: murky, cookie-cutter, not very engaging. premise is good, execution isn’t. everyone: „will give it 1 or 2 issues, tops“

#dcnu #captainatom: okay art, okay concept. JTKrul is a simplistic, boyish, simpleminded writer, Atom a bland person. so… no sparks. 😦

#dcnu #bluebeetle: big disappointment. everything that was charming / unique about Jaime & friends now crass, shrewed, loud, flat, joyless.

#dcnu #catwoman: sex! sex! handjobs for Batman! nice art, but no taste, no style, no psychology. Selina deserves class & grace. trainwreck.

#dcnu #redhood: lovely colors, interesting team dynamics. But Starfire acts like hussy & there’s too much titilation / „totally radical“ bs.

#dcnu #blackhawks: #checkmate for stupid people! a covert ops team with a bright logo? eccentric, unprofessional soldiers? no humour. meh.


sad and bad:

#dcnu #omac: big Kirby homage, much brawling/action + derivative art: seems like a 70ies comic. People disliked technobabble / Brother Eye.

#dcnu #deathstroke: worst comic so far? Slade is cruel, evil and snappy. art / writing / sensibility like bad 90ies book. crude. lazy. lame.

#dcnu #suicidesquad: inferior to #secretsix. bad writing. idiotic costumes. brain-dead changes. people feel embarassed: sub-par book.


So that’s the collected buzz on Twitter and the comic book sites.

Please see my (more personal) recommendations of all new 52 books here (Link, TBA).


in the meantime, please read:

2 Kommentare

  1. after reading all the September books, here’s my personal ranking.

    some surprises – in both directions!

    plain awful:

    Suicide Squad
    Red Hood and the Outlaws
    Legion Lost
    Captain Atom

    I can see what they’re trying… but it doesn’t work:

    Red Lanterns
    Detective Comics
    Static Shock
    Green Arrow
    Blue Beetle
    Men of War

    good concept, good work… but still room for LOTS of sparks / improvement:

    Resurrection Man
    Teen Titans
    Hawk & Dove
    Demon Knights
    The Fury of Firestorm

    things I will definitely read:

    Justice League Dark
    Green Lantern: New Guardians
    I, Vampire
    Batman: The Dark Knight
    Mr. Terrific

    VERY intriguing:

    Justice League International
    Action Comics
    Birds of Prey
    Green Lantern Corps
    All-Star Western

    top 10:

    Green Lantern
    Swamp Thing
    Batman and Robin
    Wonder Woman
    Justice League
    Animal Man
    DCU Presents: Deadman
    The Flash

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