Catastrophic Cakes, collected:

You want to marry. You want a beautiful wedding cake.

You go to your baker with a specific inspiration…

and EVERYTHING goes wrong:

At, the biggest baking and dekorating failures are collected in wonderful, daily pic posts.

Here are six of my favourite (wedding-related) collections:

01) Wedding Wrecks (Link)

02) Bridal Terrors (Link)

03) A Marriage in Idle (Link)

04) Big Day – Big Wrecks (Link)

05) Bride-Baker Communication Failures (Link)

06) Love is in the Air (Link)


plus: five kids-related bonus galleries!

1) Cakes for kids, different from the pre-order form (Link)

2) more messed-up kids cakes (Link)

03) A ‘Shrek’ cake gone wrong (Link)

04) Dog Cakes gone wrong (Link)

05) A beautiful, very accurate Monkey Cake (Link)


A related, but more lush and pretty tumblr collection?

The wonderful ‘Pop Culture Cooking’ (Link) (Thanks, Gila!)


And, if you’re searching for a present:

Get the (discounted, second-hand) ‘Cakewrecks’ coffee table book (Link to

The pictures inside are often pixelated and grainy (because they’re from the net or taken with cheap camera phones)…

…but for 20 to 30 minutes, browsing through this book will give you a LOT of joy.


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