New, good TV? 2011’s most promising Shows.

So far, I’m not very impressed with the TV shows that will premiere this fall on US network TV: Lots and lots of sitcoms, priviledged white people, bitchy and shrill female idiots and domestic, cookie-cutter premises.

Here are 8 shows that look solid and a little bit more interesting.

Scroll down to see my favourite, NBC’s Awake!


1) The New Girl, FOX:

‎’Dirty Dancing‘, an overdependence on guys, male attention and romance and LOTS of traits of a stereotypical ‚Manic Pixie Dream Girl‘… but still: Zooey Dechanel’s fluffy new series ‚THE NEW GIRL‘ looks like a fun way to spend 30 minutes:

Bonus: Feminist Frequency’s awesome video about ‚Manic Pixie Dream Girls‘:


2) Terra Nova, FOX:

Why do we have 8 shows about crime scene investigators, but only ONE show about people running from evil dinosaurs? Steven Spielberg’s „TERRA NOVA“ looks a lot like Steven Spielberg’s „Earth 2“ and Steven Spielberg’s „Jurassic Park“… but when it comes to dinosaur action, I’ll take what I can get:


3) Scandal, ABC:

Shonda Rhimes, the black, feminist producer of ‚GREYS ANATOMY‘ does a TV show about a Washington, DC PR firm with a competent, black, intelligent female protagonist. ABC’s ‚SCANDAL‘ could still be a pretty conservative / sensationalistic show… but I’m happy that this concept garnered enough mainstream attention for a TV show


4) Alcatraz, FOX:

I’m not very interested in J.J. Abram’s new FOX mystery thriller about time-travelling criminals – but it’ll be fun to see ‚LOST’s Jorge Garcia play a (serious) San Francisco detective:


5) Apartment 23, ABC:

Evil, sex-crazed, bitter people, ‚Californication‘– and Bret-Easton-Ellis-style: „DON’T TRUST THE BITCH IN APARTMENT 23“ has two crazy, feuding women… and James Van Der Beek (‚Dawson’s Creek‘) playing a jackass version of himself.


6) Free Agents, NBC:

Neurotic, middle-aged accountants and ad execs, too clueless for romance? NBC’s ‚FREE AGENTS‘ looks silly… but with excellent actors and an interesting tone. (Ah: It’s the remake of a British show. That explains the tone!)


7) RINGER, the CW

Here’s Sarah Michelle Gellar („Buffy“) playing criminal twin sisters in a ‚Damages‘-like psychological thriller on the CW, ‚RINGER‘.


My favourite trailer? A drama about a mourning detective living in two different, parallel realities, NBC’s „AWAKE“. Story sounds clichèd… but the acting, writing and editing look mature and intelligent:


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