Underdog Cinema: 15 War Documentaries… AND THEIR TRAILERS


For this month’s edition of my recommendation column „Underdog Cinema“ (Link)

…here are trailers for 15 fresh, off-beat, relevant or overlooked Documentaries about genocide and war that might deserve more attention:


01: ALEX GIBNEY, “Taxi to the Dark Side”, US, 2007.

02: ROBERT GREENWALD, “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers”, US, 2006.

03: MATT WHITECROSS, MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM, “The Road to Guantanamo”, UK, 2006.

04: JEHANE NOUJAIM, “Control Room”, US, 2004.

05: CHARLES FERGUSON, “No End in Sight”, US, 2007.

06: EUGENE JARECKI, “Why we fight”, US, UK, Denmark, France, Canada, 2005.

07: PETER RAYMONT, “Shake Hands with the Devil”, Canada, 2004.

08: BILL GUTTENTAG, BEN STURMAN, “Nanking”, US, 2007.

09: EMILE DE ANTONIO, “In the Year of the Pig”, US, 1968.

10: RICHARD BERGE, “The Rape of Europa”, US, 2007.

11: ELLIOT BERLIN, JOE FAB, “Paper Clips”, US, 2004.

12: RAY MÜLLER, “The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl”, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, 1993.

13: MARCEL OPHÜLS, “Hotel Terminus”, France, 1988.

14: ROB EPSTEIN, “Paragraph 175″, US, 2000.

15: MIKE RAMSDELL, “The Anatomy of Hate”, US, 2009.


Here are eight contemporary classics that I still haven’t seen:

01: ERROL MORRIS, “The Fog of War”, US, 2003.

02: ALAIN RESNAIS, “Night and Fog”, France, 1955.

no trailer – but the complete movie is available on Youtube.

03: CLAUDE LANZMANN, “Shoah”, France, 1985.

04: PETER COHEN, “The Architecture of Doom”, Sweden, 1989.

no trailer – but the complete movie is available on Youtube.

05: CHRISTIAN FREI, “War Photographer”, Switzerland, 2001.

06: MICHAEL MOORE, “Fahrenheit 9/11″, US, 2004.

07: BARBARA KOPPLE, CECILIA PECK, “Shut up & Sing!”, US, 2006.

08: MARK ACHBAR, “Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media”, US, 1992.


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